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Greyt Hounds



One of the happy participants at the Great Lakes Greyhound Gathering, 15 August 2009

Greyt Grey in the Morning!

3 G's Greyt Hounds - Great Lakes - Great Wines Photo Gallery

Thank you for your patience -- we shot literally hundreds of photographs at the 3 G's event, and have been busily editing them down to a size we can easily share with you via computer. Please click here or on the link above to view the gallery! You may also click on any photo on this page for larger view and ordering information.

3 Gs: Greyt Hounds - Great Lakes - Great Wines, 15 Aug 09


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  3. Ordering prints is simple: just click on the "Add Photo to Cart" link on the left-hand links bar of the larger view, then click on which options you prefer! At the moment, the shopping cart is set up for regular photo prints only. Please see our ADDITIONAL OPTIONS, below, to see what else we have available. If you live in Berrien County, we can set up a time and place locally for you to pick up your prints and save postage.

Flying Spots custom prints all photos on high gloss, premium plus photo paper. We allow at least one full day for the ink to set to avoid problems in shipping. Mattes are white with acid free, foam core backing and are ready for framing. We ship by Priority Mail.

Because we encourage creativity in our customers and enjoy exploring new possibilities, we're also pretty flexible --- if you want something different, please contact us for a quote!

(By the way, though we do "sign" all of our prints with a small, unobtrusive copyright notice, the Flying Spots "watermark" used in our photo gallery will NOT appear on your pictures!)






4 x 6 inches

$ 5.00


5 x 7 inches

$ 7.50


8 x 10 inches



8 Wallet
(2-1/4 x 3-1/4 inches)



* Special or Custom Editing extra -- please ask.
If you are out of the area, there will also be a shipping/handling fee.


  • Black & White conversion with color eyes
  • Christmas card prints
  • Printed Note cards -- half or quarter sheet
  • Unique hand-crafted Christmas ornaments, several styles in two sizes
  • Edits and punching templates so that you can make your own ornaments or sun-catchers
  • Computer "wallpaper"
  • Slide-show type screen-savers
  • Photos on CD
  • Photos sized and edited for website use
  • If you can think of something we've missed, please contact us! We'll see what we can do.

3 Gs: Greyt Hounds - Great Lakes - Great Wines, 15 Aug 09

3 Gs: Greyt Hounds - Great Lakes - Great Wines, 15 Aug 09

3 Gs: Greyt Hounds - Great Lakes - Great Wines, 15 Aug 09

3 Gs: Greyt Hounds - Great Lakes - Great Wines, 15 Aug 09

3 Gs: Greyt Hounds - Great Lakes - Great Wines, 15 Aug 09

The Chocolate Garden booth was very popular!Contessa Wine Cellar offered a wine tasting.


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